Transducer / Acoustics Engineer

Job Type: 
Direct Placement
Consumer Electronics
Greater Los Angeles Area
Job Description: 

Seeking candidates with physics/EE background focused on electromechanical
transduction devices, specifically, design, test, simulation and construction of
piezoelectric transducer systems to work on high power airborne ultrasonic phased
array transmission systems. Candidate will work with EEs and Acoustic Transducer
engineers to design, model, and test optimal systems.
Applicant must have demonstrated experience in the following core responsibilities:
• Electromechanical Transducer Design:
◦ Fundamentals of electromechanical device design, sensors and/or actuators
▪ Piezoelectric devices a plus
◦ Phased arrays, 2D phased array experience a plus
◦ Beamforming methods, implementation and optimization
◦ Experience of integration of design into mass produced product
◦ Multi-industry experience desirable
◦ Acoustics or energy harvesting knowledge desireable
• Transducer/Acoustic Numerical Simulation
◦ Fundamentals of calculations for standard device metrics and beam
• Experience in FE codes such as ANSYS, Simulia, COMSOL, PZFlex and other
specialist codes such as Field II and general codes such as MATLAB and
Octave, CAD such as SolidWorks or Pro-E.
• Small Scale or MEMS Device Manufacture
◦ Hands on experience in construction of transduction devices, millimeter or
smaller scale
◦ Bonding, alignment, wiring
◦ Familiar with basic clean rooms, cleaners, ovens, wire/blade saws
• Test Experience
◦ Experience in standard ultrasound testing equipment
▪ Impedance analyzers, vibrometers, hydrophones etc.
▪ Analysis and presentation of large quantities of test data, and
validation of simulation results.
• Materials knowledge of fundamentals of constituent components
◦ Piezoelectric knowledge a plus