Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing Services

Contract staffing services are typically used during peak work load situations that will last anywhere from one week to two years. The contractors’ technically work for B-Linked - they are not a direct employee of your company. B-Linked pays all the associated taxes, insurance and back office expenses associated with employment. B-Linked recruits, qualifies, and sends their personnel to you; they work at your job site, using your hardware/software, on an hourly basis.

Benefits of using a Contractor:
The benefits of using a contract employee is the flexibility you gain in terms of budget, time to hire, and the ease of termination. B-Linked’s fees are included in the cost of the contractor’s hourly pay. There are no hidden fees or taxes; your company only pays the hourly rate quoted for each contractor. When your regular employees work load slows down, their salary does not; with contractors’ you can simply send the contractor home until further notice and watch your profits rise.

B-linked proudly serves all California including Northern California, Central California and Southern California with their contract staffing needs. Providing high quality contract employees in California is one of our specialties. We are experts at filling contract staffing positions throughout California with the best candidates for the position and enterprise.